Pay Per Click (PPC) Company In Birmingham

The chances are, you are relying on your website to make a significant proportion of your sales. It might even be 100% of your sales.

In that case, the thing you want most is ‘high quality traffic’ — in other words, site visitors with a genuine and immediate interest in buying the products or services you offer.

You could call these people ‘hot prospects’ — because they’ve responded to an advert or promotion and clicked on it to be brought straight to your site.

Worth paying for

Those are the sort of clicks worth paying for. It’s why Pay Per Click is the best way to bring these hot prospects to your site, because it does so in a way you can measure. This means you can prove what is working and justify your investment.

Some of our clients tell us that in the past they’ve signed up to Pay Per Click contracts. They made regular payments, but they didn’t receive regular updates in return.


Another thing we hear is, “The agency didn’t seem to be trying new ideas to see what worked”. On the one hand, that doesn’t surprise us because we’ve heard it so many times now. But when we think about it, it’s staggering that anyone would miss this opportunity.

To us, the biggest advantage of Pay Per Click is that we can use it to work with you as our client to develop your online promotions. Through testing, analysis and optimisation, we can keep working at each campaign to see what works and what doesn’t. This way, we help you do more of what works.

Otherwise, if we just kept taking a standing order every month, why would anyone want to recommend us?

How are you doing right now?

What’s your current click-through rate? If it’s around 3 or 4 per cent, then we’ve got some reasonably good news: you’re about average. (It’s better than being below average.)

But the even better news is that we are sure we can help you improve on that. We have clients who achieve 7% at the very least. 12% is not uncommon either.

Every now and then, one goes through the roof. We have had a client achieve a 900% return on their investment in Pay Per Click. Can we guarantee that to you? No, of course not. But what we can promise is that we won’t take money off you in return for not achieving results.

No long-term obligation

That’s why we don’t ask any of our clients to sign up to long term contracts. We’d prefer you to be paying us month by month because you know it’s worth it — not because of an obligation you undertook in the past.

If we can’t improve your Pay Per Click results in the first 30 days, we’ll give you your money back. We think that’s the best way to show how confident we are that a properly executed campaign will bring a return for you.

Would you like to talk more about how we can help? Please get in touch.