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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most contentious issues in online marketing. Why? Because most business owners and marketing managers know that search engine rankings are important, but they don’t understand the technical side.

So when they look at hiring an SEO company to take care of their SEO, they have no idea what to look for. It’s why so many people end up frustrated, disappointed or even questioning the value of an SEO company .

Many people can drive a car — much fewer understand the workings of an engine. Most people, even those with good IT skills, don’t get into the very detailed technical stuff that’s going on underneath a website.

Why do you need an SEO company?

We’ll try and explain just a little bit.

Google, Bing, Yahoo! and the rest are constantly adapting and evolving their algorithms.

The fact is, if getting higher rankings was easy, there would be no market for SEO services. You have to work at this kind of thing. Which is why at Webcentric we have what we call our very own R&D test lab.

Just like manufactures of physical products have to keep testing and developing them, we have to keep testing our approach to SEO — adapting and refining what we do to keep up with the constantly evolving web.

The internet is constantly changing

The internet is like an organism, always growing and changing, never staying the same. It really is a continuous process, which is why we keep on evaluating and refining our strategies on a daily basis.

Of course, it’s all about results: that’s the one thing everyone can understand. It’s what we’ll be able to show you, to be able to prove to that you’re not wasting money on smoke and mirrors, and you’re getting back far more than you’ve put in.

Try our SEO audit

The first thing we can offer you is a full SEO audit, so you can see just how ‘findable’ your site is on the web. We’ll then provide you with an analysis of your competitors, so you can see how you stand in relation to them. This can be a huge help in making your decision.

Should you decide to go ahead with an SEO programme, we’ll make sure it’s right for you, and that you are clear about the aims and objectives.

Does that sound reasonable? We’ll be happy to talk more. Please call and ask us to explain a bit more about how we approach SEO.

We also offer a brilliant SEO Training Course.

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